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This lists the 212 completed tunes in the database so far, sorted by type. If there is a recording, you can click on the speaker icon to hear it. Click on the tune name to view the chords and melody reminders.


Fisher's Hornpipe - D Major
Jacky Tar - E Minor
Morpeth Rant (by William Sheild) - D Major
Murphy's Hornpipe - G Major
Off to California - G Major
Red Haired Boy - A Major
Rights of Man - G Major


6/8 De Rapides (by Sabin Jacques) - G Major
6/8 du Petit Sarny (by Éric Favreau) - G Major
Banish Misfortune - D Modal
Be It So (by Jody Kruskal) - D Major
Bert Ferguson (by Samuel Ian Rothmar Burns) - A Major
Blue Jay (by Stephan Deibel) - D Minor
Books and Ladders (by John Goodin) - D Major
Charles O'Connor (by Turlough O'Carolan) - D Major
Christmas Day Ida Moarnin' (by Friedemann Stickle) - D Major / E Minor
Cliffs of Moher - A Minor
Coleraine - A Minor
Connaughtman's Rambles - D Major / B Minor
Cowboy Jig - G Major
Da Brig (by Friedemann Stickle) - D Major
Da Fields o' Foula (Flowers of May) - D Major
Da Full Rigged Ship - A Minor
Devlin's - B Minor
Drummond Castle - A Minor
Dusty Bob's Jig - G Major
Fair Jenny's (by Peter Barnes) - D Major / G Major
Fee de Dent (by André Brunet) - G Major
Forest Wedding (by Todd Silverstein) - D Minor
Garster's Dream (by Faeries) - G Major
Gigue de Salon (by Pascal Gemme) - A Major
Haste to the Wedding (by Uncertain) - D Major
I Lost My Love - E Minor
Indian Point (by Rick Mohr) - E Minor
Jefferson and Liberty (The Gobby-O) - A Minor
Kiss and Make Up (by Mark Simos) - G Major
Lannigan's Ball - E Minor
Little Burnt Potato (by Colin J. Boyd) - D Major
Maison de Glace (by Réjean Brunet) - D Major
Marche au Camp (by Jean-Paul Loyer) - G Major
Money in Both Pockets - D Major
Moon and Seven Stars - D Major
Morrison's Jig (by Maurice Carmody) - E Minor
Mrs. McGhee (by John Riddell) - G Major
Off She Goes - D Major
Pipe on the Hob - D Major
Queen's Jig - D Major
Rambling Pitchfork - D Major
Rippling Water - G Major / D Major
Road to Lisdoonvarna - E Minor
Rose in the Heather - D Major
Sailor's Wife - D Minor
Saint Patrick's Day - G Major
Scarce O Tatties (by Norman MacLean) - A Minor
Smash the Windows - D Major
Snow Storm's Coming (by Jody Kruskal) - A Minor
South Pond (by Bliss McIntosh) - A Minor
Star Above The Garter - G Major
Stool of Repentance - A Major
Swallowtail - E Minor
Sweets of May - G Major
Teviot Bridge - A Major
Tim Tam (by Bliss McIntosh) - G Major
Top of Cork Road - D Major
Tourment (by Jean-Paul Loyer) - G Major
Up and Down the Mountain Ash (by Stephan Deibel) - D Minor


Bear Dance #1 - A Minor
Bear Dance #2 - A Minor
Belknap's March (by Uncertain) - G Major
Killiecrankie (by Thomas Connellan) - C Major
March of Saint Timothy (by Judi Morningstar) - G Major
Prince William - A Major
Road to Boston - D Major
Roddy McCorley - D Major
Rose Tree - D Major
Scotland the Brave - D Major
Swedish Walking Tune (Äppelbo Gånglåt) (by Ärtbergs-Kalle) - G Major


Dublin Gypsy (by Stephan Deibel) - D Minor
Mississippi Wedding (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Zemer Atik (by Amitai Ne’eman) - F Major


Ballydesmond Polka I - A Minor
Ballydesmond Polka II - A Minor
Farewell to Whisky (by Neil Gow) - G Major
Girl With the Blue Dress On - G Major
Jamie Allen - G Major
Jenny Lind Polka (by Anton Wallerstein) - D Major / G Major
Mairi's Wedding - G Major
Mussels in the Corner - D Major
Old Grey Cat - E Minor
Riding on a Load of Hay - E Minor
Road to Boston - D Major
Rose Tree - D Major


Trollpolska efter Hans Börtas (by Uncertain) - D Minor


Crocus Pocus (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Sweet Potato Rag (by Caz Lewis) - G Major
Unicycle (by Caz Lewis) - G Major


Morpeth Rant (by William Sheild) - D Major


All The Way To Galway - D Major
Arkansas Summer (by Caz Lewis) - E Minor
Arkansas Traveler (by Sanford Faulkner) - D Major
Bachelor Duck (by Stephan Deibel) - E Minor
Bumblebee (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Bumblebee Arrangement (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Canna Get My Mare Tamed - G Major
Chorus Jig - D Major / G Major / D Major
Cold Frosty Morning - A Minor
Corn Rigs - D Major
Creaky Joints (by Caz Lewis) - D Major
Crocus Pocus (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Da New Rigged Ship - A Modal / A Major / A Minor
Devil's Dance (by Stephan Deibel) - A Minor
Dimmers - G Major
Driving the Turkeys to Boston (by Caz Lewis) - A Minor
Father Kelly's (Rossmore Jetty) (by Father PJ Kelly) - G Major
Fraise at les Framboise - G Major
Gaspe Reel - D Major
Glise A Sherbrook - G Major
Golden Slippers (by James A. Bland) - D Major
Granny in the Corner (The Volunteer) - G Major
Green Mountain Petronella - G Major
Grumbling Old Man, Growling Old Woman - D Major / A Minor
Hollow Poplar - G Major
Jacky Tar - E Minor
Johnny Johnny Don't Get Drunk - D Major
Joys of Quebec (by Fortunat Malouin) - A Major
Julia Delaney (La Sorcière) - D Minor
June Apple (by Traditional - Southeast) - A Modal
Little Judique - D Major
Marino Casino - G Major
Morpeth Rant (by William Sheild) - D Major
My Love is But a Lassie Yet - D Major
Oiseau Bleu - D Major
Old French - D Major
Old Grey Cat - E Minor
Old Man and the Old Woman (by Mary Rose-Anna Bolduc) - G Major
Oliver Jack - G Major
On the Danforth (by Keith Murphy) - A Major
Onion Reel (by Joseph Allard) - G Major
Opera Reel - D Major
Our Outboard Motor Died But We Got Saved (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Paddy on the Handcar - A Minor
Painter's Polka - D Major
Petronella - D Major
Planxty George Brabazon (by Turlough O'Carolan) - G Major
Plenty of Hornpipe (by Stan Rogers) - A Minor
Poor Old Woman - A Minor
Red Haired Boy - A Major
Red Wing (by Kerry Mills) - G Major
Reel Saint Antoine - A Major
Reel de Montreal - G Major / D Major
Remembering the Warbler (by Stephan Deibel) - D Major
Rights of Man - G Major
Round the Horn (by Jay Ungar) - G Major
Sackett's Harbor - A Minor
Saint Anne's Reel (Reel des Esquimaults) - D Major
Scollay's Reel - E Minor
Shove that Pigs Foot Closer to the Fire - G Major
Spider in the Sails - E Minor
Spootiskerry (by Samuel Ian Rothmar Burns) - G Major
Star of Munster - A Minor
Sweet Potato Rag (by Caz Lewis) - G Major
Swinging on a Gate - G Major
Unicycle (by Caz Lewis) - G Major
Union Street Session (by Paul Cranford) - D Major
Waiting for the Federals - G Major
Walk On (by Jody Kruskal) - E Minor
Whiskey Before Breakfast (by Uncertain) - D Major
Willafjord - D Major
Wind that Shakes the Barley - D Major
Wren - B Minor
X Tune (by Caz Lewis) - E Minor
You Married my Daughter but Yet You Didn't - G Major
Yowe Cam to Wir Door, Yarmin' - E Minor

Slip Jigs

Butterfly - E Minor
Fig for A Kiss - E Minor
Snowy Path (by Mark Kelly) - D Major


Braes of Breadalbane - A Minor
Mackenzie Hay (by J. Scott Skinner) - D Major


Amelia's Waltz (by Bob McQuillen) - D Major
Ash Grove (by Uncertain) - G Major
Belle Mere's Waltz (by Phil Cunningham) - F Major
Boda Waltz - E Minor
Bonnie At Morn - A Minor
Cowboy Waltz - D Major
Crested Hens (Les Poules Huppées) (by Gilles Chabenat) - E Minor
Crossing to Ireland - G Major
Eric's Waltz (by Eric Margan) - G Major
Evenings and Weekends (by John Goodin) - C Major
Far Away (by Pete Jung) - B Minor
Flowers of the Thorn - A Minor
Galician Waltz (Cau'l Chouzano) (by Fernando Largo) - G Major
Good Doctor (by Stephan Deibel) - A Major
Lovejoy's Lament (by Stephan Deibel) - G Major
Manx Waltz #1 (Arrane Ghelby) (by Faeries) - B Minor
Manx Waltz #2 - B Minor
Metsäkukkia - G Minor
Midnight on the Water (by Luke Thomasson) - D Major
My Cape Breton Home (by Jerry Holland) - G Major
My Own Home - A Major
Ocoee Waltz (by Pete Sutherland) - A Minor
Planxty Fanny Power (by Turlough O'Carolan) - G Major
Planxty Irwin (by Turlough O'Carolan) - D Major
Sheebeg Sheemore (Sí Bheag Sí Mhór) (by Turlough O'Carolan) - D Major
Slängpolska (Eklunda Polska #3) (by Vikste-Lasse) - G Major
Star of the County Down - A Minor
Tennessee Waltz (by Pee Wee King) - D Major
Tombigbee - G Major
Twelfth Night (by Bliss McIntosh) - D Major
Two Rivers Waltz (by Larry Unger) - B Minor
Utpick Waltz (by Frankie Rodgers) - G Major
Wedding on the Hill (by Bonnie Epstein) - G Major
Westphalia Waltz (by Cotton Collins) - G Major

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