Events make it easier to play together as a group. The group leader creates the event, adds sets to it, and specifies which set is currently being played. Other musicians can watch the event and all the participating devices (ipads, phones, laptops, etc) will update as the event changes.

The following events have been created:

2016 Ceili And St Patricks Day Events
2019 Ceili at Cambridge School
Ajanta/Benjie Cabaret
Cabaret Aug 25 2018
Cambridge NY Pan-Celtic Session - Thursdays 5-8pm at 6 Broad St (Old Train Station)
Community Dance April 27 2019
Community Dance May 6 2017
Contra Dance March 19
Farmers Market 2023
Feb 3 2018 - New Dance Sets
Gina and Stephan
Hubbard Hall Dance April 21 2018
July 30 Steventown
Oct 2 2021 - Hoosick Falls
Shannon Birthday 2023
St Patricks 2019
Tune Jam - Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge NY
Wayside Session
Wedding Sept 17th 2016

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