Willafjord - D MajorReel

Author: Traditional
Origin: Canada - Inuit

Although often said to have been composed by Shetland fiddler Tom Anderson, in his book Hand Me Doon da Fiddle (1979) he wrote that it was brought back from the Greenland whaling expeditions. F. Wilkins in a 2017 article in Folk Music Journal stated that Cree fiddle players in the town of Moose Factory in northern Ontario recognised it as an Inuit melody. A tune called Log Cabin, written by fiddler James Stewart of Chisasibi on Hudson Bay, appears to be based on it. Willafjord is played in Newfoundland and Cape Breton using the same bow strokes as in Shetland. Tom Anderson likened the tune's rhythm to walking with one foot in a ditch.

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