Wedding on the Hill - G MajorWaltz

Author: Bonnie Epstein
Origin: USA - Cambridge NY

This waltz was written by harpist Bonnie Epstein, at the time a resident of Greenwich NY, to be played at the wedding of a friend. She explains its origin as follows: "This tune was written on Meriden Hill in Columbia, New Hampshire, for a cousin's wedding. The wedding was held outside at his cabin in the woods, with forty people and nine very large dogs attending. As the ceremony was starting, a guest had an epileptic seizure. The paramedics arrived but refused to get out of their car until all of the dogs were put into the house. So the dogs and I went in, all vying for a spot by the window. The guest was fine and when I was given the "all clear" I opened the cabin door and out raced the dogs, like a tidal wave. The wedding on the hill continued but the tune was never played that day!"

Ref: Collected from Author