Spootiskerry - G MajorReel

Author: Samuel Ian Rothmar Burns
Origin: Shetland

This reel was the first tune ever written by Shetland fiddler Samuel Ian Rothmar Burns, probably around 1960. Spootiskerry is the name of a farm in the author's family. In his tunebook, also called Spootiskerry, he says "Spootiskerry [is] the croft belonging to my late grand aunts, Bella and Joan Nicolson, situated between the village of Sullom, and the new town of Brae." A spoot is a razor clam, one of the edible "ebb meats" taken from the shore at low tide, named because it "spoots" (or spouts) when you disturb it. A skerry is a group of rocks which are only sometimes visible at low tide.

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