Reel Beatrice - A Minor / A Minor / C MajorReel

Author: Traditional
Origin: Italy

This tune was popularized in Quebec by fiddler Joseph Bouchard (1905-1979), who recorded in in 1938, and later by Chicago Irish-American fiddler Liz Carroll. However, it originates from a polka called Oggi Nevica from the Italian Ballo Liscio dance repertoire. It may have earlier variants and is in the style of a 19th century bal musette, with two parts in a minor key and the third in the corresponding major key. It is still popular in the Emilia Romagna region of northeastern Italy. Joseph Bouchard's original name for the tune appears to be Reel p'tit Charles. The name of the tune on the B side of his 1938 recording was Reel Beatrice and this was somehow later confused and became the commonly used name of the tune.