Quarry Cross - E MinorPolka

Author: Traditional
Origin: Ireland

This is a polka from Munster that is also known as The Green Cottage Polka. Because it has a long history, documented through earlier forms in print, it serves as a great example of the "folk process" over several centuries. In order of age: (1) The Raw Recruit or Abraham’s Daughter was a stage song during the American Civil War era that was published in Winner’s New Primer for Violin in 1862. (2) St. Patrick Was A Gentleman was published in 1841 in John Clinton's Gems of Ireland: 200 Airs. (3) The American shape note hymn Mecklinburg was printed in a supplement to the Kentucky Harmony around 1815, where it was attributed to someone named Lowry. (4) The Scottish strathspey Mrs Wemyss of Cuttlehill was published in Niel Gow’s 3rd Collection of 1792.

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