Our Outboard Motor Died But We Got Saved - G MajorReel

Author: Stephan Deibel
Origin: USA - Cambridge NY

This tune was written by Cambridge NY fiddler Stephan Deibel, around 2010 on a wilderness island in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. "While I was writing the tune, a boating party in a beautiful old wooden boat happened by. Suddenly, their outboard motor stopped and they were unable to restart it. There was a moment of tension as they drifted towards some sharp rocks, but they were saved just in time by another passing boater, and towed safely home. The first part of this tune seems to imitate the attempts to restart the motor, and the second part their joy at being saved, although this was not by conscious design."

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Mountain_Lake,_New_York

Ref: Collected from Author