Da Brig - D MajorJig

Author: Friedemann Stickle
Origin: Shetland

This tune is often attributed to John Stickle (1875-1957, but was actually written by his ancestor Friedemann Stickle (1794-1867). Pat Shuldham-Shaw recorded this origin as follows: ""One evening as Friedemann Stickle was sitting at his home in Burrafirth in the north of Unst, a brigantine in full sail sailed right across the mouth of the voe (a kind of minature fjord). The sight of it inspired him to take down his fiddle and compose this tune which has been preserved in his family every since." Although it is a jig, this tune is often played as part of a set to dance The Foula Reel, which of course is also really a jig. Aly Bain allegedly commented that the Shetlanders didn’t know the difference between a jig and a reel, but they may have been using an older meaning to "reel," namely as a general term for "dance."

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