Charles O'Connor - D MajorJig, Air

Author: Turlough O'Carolan
Origin: Ireland

This tune is named for Charles O'Conor (1710–1791), who was an antiquarian scholar who in 1749 acceded to the O'Conor seat of Belnagare, County Roscommon. Although a country gentleman, he was a Catholic, and thus was barred from many privileges of his class. He received a classical education from a Franciscan friar and developed an interest in collecting Irish manuscripts. O'Carolan was a frequent guest at his house. A harp that reputedly belonged to O'Carolan remains with the family. Charles O'Conor's diaries of 1729 relate that he was taught songs on the harp by O'Carolan (then aged 59) when the bard stayed a fortnight at Belnagare.